Accident Damage Inspections

Accident Damage Inspections

Accident Damage Inspections

Have you had an accident, and now you have a bill to repair the other person’s car?

Do not take their word for it. It’s fair and reasonable.

We at The Vehicle Inspector will evaluate the excerpt to make sure you are not overly charged.

Evaluating an offer or bill can mean hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars in price difference, so you do not want to pay for what has been presented to you.

We work with law firms, lawyers, automotive professionals and the public to accurately evaluate repair offers. So, whether you are a lawyer dealing with a client’s case or a member of the general public who is hit with a heavy bill by the other party’s insurance company, we can help!

A certified appraiser makes our estimate to determine the actual cost of the repair accurately, so you do not pay an overpriced bill for no reason.

After initial communication by email, through this Website, or phone, vehicles can often be inspected with very little notice. We then send the full report, depending on the factors, in as little as 48 hours after that. We report on the area and direction of the impact, recovery and storage charges, detailed repair costs, relevant valuations, repair times, repair details. Our reports include all the relevant information that is likely to be necessary to process or conclude a claim successfully.