Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections and Used Car Buying Reports in Australia

When looking to buy a car, there are several factors to consider that can significantly affect its value and resale value in the future.

Many people choose a mechanical test, but there is another factor that can be even more costly if there are problems.

This is the problem with the car body, the chassis and any previous accidents. If you have ever sold a car, you will be in tune with how quickly the question “has an accident happened?” comes.

The reason is that accidental damage is usually not repaired properly, especially if done through insurance.

Repairs are often hasty and cheap, which can cause future problems with the car model (which can cost you to repair or even make the vehicle unreliable) and affect vehicle safety.

If you are looking to get a car, it is a decent idea to look if the vehicle you are looking at has had an accident, had chassis or body repairs and is in good shape.

This will then give you the right information to make a decision about how much to pick up the vehicle or if you should at least buy it.

It will also make sure you know what to expect when it comes time to sell – you do not want to be left out of pocket because of an unresolved issue that you did not even understand.

Condition of car chassis, body and history, including: 

  • If the vehicle has been involved in an accident
  • If the vehicle has been Total lossed
  • If the vehicle has been stolen
  • if any body, panel or chassis repairs and how they were completed If there is rust , corrosion or other issues 
  • Even the thickness of the paint to find out if the vehicle has been repainted.
All of this affects the proportion that the car is worth and may be worth after you come to sell it, so knowing this now, before you return the money, will make it easier for you to make the right decision about buying the car.

Once the pre-purchase inspection is complete, we recommend that you perform a mechanical or technical inspection to confirm that the car mechanics are in good condition.

Here’s what you will find out about the car.

By conducting a pre-purchase vehicle, you will know:

  • If the car has had an accident (which will affect its resale value) 
  • If there are repairs and therefore the quality of these repairs (and how likely it is) that you have to repeat them) 
  • The overall condition of the car chassis and body 
  • If it still has its original paint or if it has been breathed (and how well it has been done) such as rust, corrosion, etc.) 
  • If the frame is really straight or if it is bent 
  • Any other chassis problems we will find with the car and its potential resale value

Allowing you to make an informed decision about whether to buy or not. 

Carrying out this pre-purchase inspection could save hundreds (possibly even thousands) of dollars now and in the future

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