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Good report as described. However in the end of the inspection, he said IN FRONT OF THE SELLER, that the price was very cheap. That it was a bargain and the market price of the car was at least $7000 more than what was negotiated . Where in the world would someone say this in front of the seller???? Are you out of your mind??????? Because of this, the seller wanted to raise the price in $1000. I payed the service, and the seller was the one helped. I’d never recommend him to anybody. Next time, just mind your business mate. 2 stars because the report was as described.

Filipe M

I booked a pre-purchase inspection with DJC Automotive Services and the previous owner of my car called to say the mechanic was meticulous with his inspection and with the questions he asked the previous owners' regarding the car's history. This was particularly important to me as I live 8 hours away from the previous owners' of the car and I could not inspect the car myself, I needed to be certain that the car was a worthwhile, mechanically well functioning car as buying a car sight unseen comes with numerous expenses and risks. The peace of mind offered by DJC Automotive Services was worth the money, and I purchased the car inspected with the knowledge I was buying a good used car. I would recommend DJC Automotive Services to anyone, but in particular the pre purchase inspection is perfect for people who cannot see the car themselves and thus need a mobile mechanic that is trustworthy, honest and upfront about any potential issues a car may present. This is also a great service for people who have less knowledge in regards to cars, particularly first time used car buyers.


Great service and really appreciated the work he did. Awesome service.


Great Experience. Good Advice and very helpful. Recommend to every second-hand Car Buyer.


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