Paint & Bodywork Technical Inspections


Paint & Bodywork Technical Inspections​

Private & Confidential Assessment Reports for the Consideration of Legal Advisors (Privileged)

When it comes to paintwork, DJC Automotive Services (Sydney Motor Motor Vehicle Assessment and Inspections) will determine whether your vehicle is refinished with the specific paint and colour required (with suitable gloss and texture where applicable) to replicate the vehicles pre-accident condition. 

We determine whether specialist techniques are required to match pre-accident finish, including assessing whether adjacent panels are needed to be refinished to avoid colour variations as per the paint manufacturer recommendations. 

Our assessments document specific components required for refinishing to maintain the manufacturer warranty, ensure paint consistency, and ensure customer satisfaction. 

The evaluation of paintwork is comprehensive, factoring in colour matching processes, paint film thicknesses, whether ‘short cut’ processes have been used, and dozens of other checks and balances.