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Vehicle Estimating Services

Vehicle Estimating Services For The Smash Repair Industry​

Private & Confidential Assessment Reports For The Consideration Of Legal Advisors (Privileged)

We provide independent motor vehicle estimates and quoting services to the Smash Repair industry across Sydney, New South Wales and Nationally. 

We provide first-class estimates, saving you time and stress. 

We pride ourselves in quality and accuracy within our estimates and tailored for our customers according to the correct nature of the reinstatement and processes required to return the vehicle to its pre-accident condition correctly.

All estimates are compiled in line with the relevant insurance companies preferred formatting, excluding AUDANET, in line with the current competitive industry rates used within the smash repair industry.

Multiple factors must be considered when it comes to vehicle repair, and it is paramount to ensure that any vehicle damage is repaired correctly to ensure the structural integrity is not compromised in any way. 

Many of our valued customers may not have the time or maybe unsure of what is required in its entirety to compile a complete and accurate repair estimate on a particular vehicle or multiple vehicles.

At DJC Automotive Services (Sydney Motor Vehicle Assessment and Inspections), our industry knowledge and professional services are second to none. 

For many facilities, we are a great asset at a reasonable price. 

We strive to find the right outcome on every claim for every client, giving you peace of mind. We never compromise any vehicle’s structural integrity by applying incorrect repair methods or using parts that are not designed for the vehicle.

We put our customers, you – the Smash Repairer, first by issuing estimates that fairly represent the extent of the costs to repair your customer’s vehicles to their pre-accident condition correctly. 

This is what your customers expect, and therefore what you can expect when engaging DJC Automotive Services (Sydney Motor Vehicle Assessment and Inspections) for smash repair estimates. 

If you think we could assist you, contact us today.